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Join me in co-creating an authentic, heart-centered movement and culture where choosing love over fear becomes our natural way of life. 

We live in extraordinary and unprecedented times. Heart Themes is a countermeasure to the current world climate of conflict, indifference, separation, racial tension, discrimination, us versus them, political division, hatred and the list goes on. These simple messages are meant to inspire, encourage and prompt a genuine response from the heart.

Immediately after horrific events like 911, school shootings, bombings or natural disasters, we’re broken and devastated. Ironically, something exceptional also happens in that we drop our guard, extend our hearts and instantly become more inclined to fully embrace what unites, rather than divides us. It’s a profoundly beautiful shift that comes out of an unimaginable tragedy. There is a renewed sense of community and people come together for the greater good of mankind, so that grieving and real healing can begin. Sadly over time, we eventually forget the fact that we are all one and close ourselves yet again until the next crisis or calamity shakes us to the core. Heart Themes’ sole intent is to offer gentle reminders and guidance back to this remarkable place of openness, kindness, forgiveness, acceptance, inclusion, respect, unity, peace, goodness, selflessness, sincerity, empathy, compassion, gratitude, awe, enthusiasm, joy, laughter, play and deeply inspired living.    

Love is the most real and powerful force there is. When we purposefully and collectively show up for it, it will always show up for us. In any given moment, we have a choice to remember love and respond accordingly. May living from our heart be humanity’s greatest achievement yet. 

Let Love Lead, Mark Hyde