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February 12, 2019 2 min read

Although few of us will ever see a physical battlefield during a time of war, most of us do enter an emotional battlefield on a daily basis.  We fight to stay in a positive space in our minds- a place void of worry, doubt, and fear.  And at one time or another, we struggle to feel worthy and deserving of all the good that life has to offer.

One summer, several years ago, while waterskiing with my brother in SC, I momentarily felt guilty about having such a great time.  This was largely due to the fact that we came from such a dysfunctional past and yet now it was so enjoyable just spending time with him on a beautiful, sunny day.  It was a true “ah-ha” moment for me and a huge indication of how far we both had come. 

I receive emails from various affirmational websites each morning.  This particular quote (Notes from the Universe) relates to the above story and has long since been my most treasured:

“One thing I know for sure, Mark, is that with time, everything becomes clear, all questions are answered, what's broken is restored, new trails are blazed, hearts are mended, love returns, and you will look over your shoulder, with a tear in your eye, at life's utter perfection.”

That day waterskiing with my brother was perfection (as have countless days since) and as a result, I now recognize and embrace similar moments for the gifts they are.  2018 will soon be a distant memory as will the challenges, disappointments, heartaches, and losses that accompanied it.  May we willingly release these while appreciating the life-lessons, depth of emotion, and profound insights that were gained.

In the New Year, may we take the time to nurture ourselves and do the things that feed our souls (gratitude, giving back, reading, music, writing, cooking, nature, walks, quality time with pets, family, and friends); those things that help us find balance amid our many responsibilities, and gently remind us to always have fun with the process of life. 

The French writer, Emile Zola once said, “If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I will answer you- I am here to live out loud.”  Even in the midst of a seemingly chaotic world, there await vast miracles, ceaseless wonders, and endless opportunities for awe at any given time.  May we forever choose to see and believe in the profound magic that does exist.  It is simply a matter of being completely present

In 2019, may we “live out loud,” celebrate life, play wholeheartedly, laugh unabashedly, embody inspiration, personify enthusiasm, embrace the moments, and love from a deeper place than we’ve ever known.  But most importantly, may we always remember to take the time to “look over our shoulder, with a tear in our eye, at life’s utter perfection.”

Namaste, Mark Hyde